Yilan County Outdoor Activity Guide

An outdoor sports map/guide of Yilan County, Taiwan. Sponsored by Goldfish Space 金魚。厝辺

It is organized into five categories with subcategories of specific routes in Google Maps and pictures along the way:


Road running/gym

Hike/river trace



Last update: 11/28/2020


Route 1: Toucheng to Wai'ao

Toucheng Old Street → Kailan Rd south→ Jixiang Rd. → Wuying Agricultural Rd. → Stonbo Lodge → past the Skydiving center → decent into Wai’ao Beach on Shikong Rd

Notes: 261, Yilan County, Toucheng Township, 仙公路201巷65號蜻蜓石民宿 Stonbo Lodge Really nice place to stay!!! You won’t see the lodge from the route but you will be close. Can see Mr. Brown Café castle from this route with nice views of GuiShandao. Will pass a paragliding shop. Traffic is little to nonexistent on this route.

Route 2: Toucheng Loop

Toucheng Old Street → Kailian Rd south→ Jixiang Rd. → As soon as cross the river take a right onto 宜 3-1 → Follow this and do the 15km loop

Notes: Very steep at some parts. ~500m climb ascent/descent with some ~15-20% gradient sections. Small paved road where traffic is little to nonexistent. Have seen all kinds of wildlife on this route, peacocks, monkeys, hawks, Muntjac, all kinds of smaller birds.

Route 3: Daxi, New Taipei City, Fulong, Coastal 大溪, 新北市,福隆

Toucheng → Route 2 North → PAST Wai’ao, guishan, Beiguan Tidal Park → once arrived in Daxi take left on 内大溪路 → follow this loop all the way to Shuangxi → Go right to Gongliao, either follow to route 2 east OR cross the river at the big red bridge and take Dongrong Street to Gongliao station → Xueyan St → Route 2 past Fulong Beach → Take left at Fulong Station and follow Guishougu cycling road → caoling tunnel → Spits out at Route 2 → South all the way back to Toucheng

Notes: Amazing, amazing route. From Daxi long ascent with awesome switchbacks to views of surrounding hills and mountains at top and long descent into Shuangxi. Section of road may get a little traffic (nothing crazy) as there are some hiking trails in the mountains. I suggest bringing food and water, after Dasi there is no place to buy anything until Shuangxi. Shuangxi, Fulong both have 7/11 Family Mart. Old Caoling tunnel is an old tunnel converted into a cycling/walking path. NO cars. Be careful on coastal highway Route 2 (there are sections with a dedicated separate cycling path, sections of open shoulder, and sections with NO shoulder and BIG trucks going highspeed). Total ~90km. For the pure cyclist.

Route 4: Coastal Cycling Road

Toucheng → south on Route 2 for ~2-3km and after the bridge take any left to the coastal cycling road.

Notes: The coastal Road is about 13km, very beautiful/flowy out and back and has many places to relax and sit with quick access to sandy portions of beach/coastline. Great for families and kids.

261, Yilan County, Toucheng Township, Lane 468, Section 2, Toubin Road, 17號竹安河口自行車步道.

Route 5: Road 7 (7甲)to Wuling and Road 8 through Taroko Gorge