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Photographic Services and Competencies

Digital Photography - Sony/Canon  

Video production - Storytelling, B-roll/timelapse, lighting, audio, scripting, styling/propping, Premier Pro/Media Encoder/Splice, post-production, end-consumer viewing experience - DJI/Black Magic

Studio Lighting, styling, propping

Photoshop - Retouching, color correction, AI generative fill, masking/layering, "Can you photoshop that?", GIF/animation

Team player - Collaborate with customer relations, sales, product development to manage brand reputation and coordinate messaging

Blog content, SEO, front-end web design (WIX/Wordpress/HTML/CSS), social platform Instagram, Facebook, Youtube

Data management/file storage/naming conventions/metadata/workflow processes/Adobe Bridge

Film Photography - Shoot/develop/scan color and B&W 35, 120, 4x5 film, alternative developing/printing processes push/pull, HC-110, D-23, D-76C-41, E-6, salt printing, enlarging

Please contact JH Vivadelli to inquire about each service.


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