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Commercial and Creative

January 2023 marks three years of professional experience taking photos and motion pictures full-time.  As I've discovered, there is no tried and true way in the business of making images, everyone has a unique path.

My experience in text and imagery has taken me all over the world and in several different disciplines within photography.  From living and working as a resident photographer in a former magistrate's house abroad in Taiwan, to freelance portrait and event photographer in the U.S., Latin America, and China, to salaried B2B and B2C product photographer for wholesale brands like Costco, Plow & Hearth, and Team Sports America in the U.S., diversity is my foundation. 

A list of my qualifications and services can be found here.  My instagram handle is @jeigelikebeige.  

Below is a short summary of my commissioned work over the years:  

Silo, Masking, white background

Lifestyle Imagery - Studio

Lifestyle Imagery - On location 

Event/Promotional Photography

Walking tours, surf camps, hostel promotion, community workshops

Freelance Blog/Writing


This is a specific example amongst 100's of edits of product videography.  All propping, lighting, shooting, post-production, uploading to Youtube done by JHV. 

Evergreen Door Mat - 100% Made in the USA

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