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A brief outline of photography and videography practices for inquirers...

I use a Sony Aiii full frame camera and an iPhone X for any digital photography and videography work.  I also enjoy shooting a Kiev 60 6x6 medium format film camera for portraiture and street photos.  The Kiev is an old Russian camera that takes 120 film (larger than the 35mm film of "standard" cameras) so these are better at being printed large for wall art due to a higher resolution than my Sony.  Most images were color negative Portra 400 or FUJICOLOR Pro 400h.  Black and White were mostly Tri-X 400 or Ilford HP5.  

The main avenue for small businesses promoting products and services online are social media apps (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok 抖音, Pinterest, etc) and personal websites (like Squarespace or WIX, end-user development, or a mix).  I try to tailor my services according to the specific needs of individuals and small businesses. 


Here is a quick list of services I provide (please DM if you have any specific questions for pricing, timelines or any additional requests):

  • Portraiture (Film or Digital)​

-Natural light.  Mother Earth is my studio.

-Think casual profile pictures, couples, street, pets​, travel

  • Art commissions (vector art .svg or photoshop work .jpeg/.pvg) for advertisements, website design, food trucks, or personal art)

  • Printed wall art​​

-There is a LARGE discrepancy between images viewed on a screen and those printed on various raw materials.  I work closely with customers to make sure the final printed artwork is something they are happy with.  

-If you want to print a digital copy at high-resolution, can try if you live in Taiwan and/or if you live in the USA.  NOT affiliated links just used these services before with success!

  • Photography, Website, and Portfolio design and instruction for beginners

-Want to buy a camera or start photography? Let me advice you on some best practices and gear to get you started.

-Support to help you get off the ground with Adobe suite services like Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator for collecting/editing your personal images

-WIX only for website design

  • Provide social media content

-Short GIF/video segments

-Timelapse (drone/digital)


Here are the details of the extended use licensing agreement made upon the purchase of an image. 

Extended Use

This license type allows customers to use the images that they purchase for commercial, web, digital or print purposes.

  • Customers may:

    • Use the images for commercial purposes

    • Use the images on their websites, blogs or other digital media

    • Use the images for printed media

  • Customers may not:

    • Use the images in TV or Film

    • Sub-license or resell the images

    • Transfer or distribute the images to another party

    • Provide others within their organization access to the images

    • Use the image in their own logo or trademark

    • Use the image in any illegal manner (e.g., pornography, defamatory content etc.)

In addition, the following terms apply:

  • Customers are not required to credit you when using the images, except for editorial purposes where “ Licensor Name” should be added.

  • If a customer makes any changes to the original image, the rights of the original image remain with you. 

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